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Call your personal manager if you are registered with us. If not, call 7350018083 else fill given form, and fix appointment at your convenience.

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Be ready with required documents on scheduled date and time. Bio-matric registration will be done for owner, tenant & 2 witness. Once agreement draft done and approved by both the parties, we will submit it for registration. This services is available on weekdays & weekends too.

Delivery of registered agreement

Final copy of Registered Agreement will be available for download on website after registration. If required we can send it on your Email-id or at your address.


Having mindset of developing lifetime relation we believe in providing hassle free, time saving and cost effective Door-step Rental Agreement. Which eliminates traditional hassle like - procedure awareness issues, high charges from third parties, lowers and middle men, negotiation on rates, visiting SRO Office, taking at least half day leave.

Required Documents

If mentioned documents are not available contact to your personal manager OR call +91 88885-99993

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Online Registered Rent Agreement valid?

Yes, Online Registered Rent Agreement is Authorized from government of Maharashtra. Therefore it is valid in all manner.

2. Is Notary agreement valid?

No, Notarised Rent Agreement has no legal value as the laws. It is mandatory to Register leave and licence agreement to safeguard land-lord and tenant as per the rent control act.

3. Why Aadhar card is Mandatory?

It is required for UID (finger prints) Verification as online no other authentication possible.

4. I am outside Pune, can I execute Online Registered Rent Agreement?

In such case you either need to come down Pune or else you can give POA to someone in Pune who can execute Online Registered Rent Agreement on your behalf.

5. I don't have Aadhar Card, how can I execute Online Registered Rent Agreement?

As Aadhar is mandatory one can execute agreement on family members/Roommate name, or else we have to execute it in nearest Sub Registrar Office.

6. Why is it necessary to execute Registered Rent Agreement?

As per Rent Control Act of Maharashtra it is compulsory to execute Registered Rent Agreement or else there is a provision, Fine of Rs.5000/- and Imprisonment of 3 months.

7. Is Stamp Paper required for Online Registered Rent Agreement?

No, stamp papers are not valid for Rent Agreements. As now we need to pay Stamp Duty and Registration online.

8. How much time required for Online Registered Rent Agreement?

On Scheduled day we need 45min - 1hour to complete draft of Online Registered Rent Agreement. Final copy of Registered Rent Agreement will be available for download in your account, if required we can email you the same.

9. Is Tenant Police Verification required after Registered Rent Agreement?

Yes, Pune Police has made Tenant Police Verification compulsory for each and every tenant whether its Residential or Commercial Property.