Hassles generally faced by Owners:

Finding tenants in itself is a time consuming process which includes spreading awareness to own contacts and brokers in the area, listing property on different property portals and marketing via other sources.

Even after getting a tenant, owners face hassles like contacting advocates and other sources to calculate stamp-duty, getting stamp paper, registration and execution of rental agreements, negotiation on rates, visiting more than once to the lawyer and registration office for execution of agreement on working days, high agreement rates. This all amounts to a hectic documentation.

In general, people spend more than Rs. 1500/- for notarized & Rs. 4000/- for registered agreement. Many paid ads to different property portals cost Rs. 300 to Rs. 900 per property portal. This is a very time taking and cost consuming process.

People who want to avoid these problems hire property managers or real-estate brokers. However, they charge at least 15 days rent for these procedures. This is a very high amount in itself.

Being a property owner, means repeating above steps again and again every 11 months until its tenure ends or when a tenant moves out. The owner again faces the same issues.

Are you facing any of the above?

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